Boulder Bound Day 1

On the Road

On the Road

It’s on the road to Boulder for Fall 2015 to help build a new MFA in Documentary Filmmaking. I’m in the car, not on the motorcycle.

Boulder Trip Day 1 018
Sites galore, after whipping across the Central Valley on 120, Straight shot to Yosemite. Past US 5 then 99 then straightn on out. Until Hwy 99 turns up in front of me. Small navigation error it seems. Add one hour to driving time.
The image above was in Yosemite, Olmstead Overlook, with craggy boulders and rocks.

It Ain't San Francisco

It Ain’t San Francisco

Dinner time overlooking Mono Loake in Lee Vining.First restaurant I’ve eaten in that had framed samples of 10 different kinds of barb wire, all labelled and dated, late 19th C. She was there too. on the wall. Waiting or maybe she lost track of time. Everyone else seems to have done that.
Boy meets Girl, sort of

Boy meets Girl, sort of

He’s plain to see and she’s in the background, aluminum hued. It’s at Benton Hot Springs, where I spend the night. 50 miles beyond Lee Vining. Great soak in outdoor hot but gazing at the dessert.


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