VIGIL, a TV Series

A Scottish tv series with an “out there” premise that pays off in spades: 2 female detectives try to find out what happened on a nuclear submarine after a crew member dies.(It’s on Peacock.) Of course, he didn’t just die. He was murdered. And on a sub, that means a Big Problem. By now one detective is on the boat, despite having been in the family car when it plunged to the bottom of a lake and her husband died, but not her daughter, and the other one on land, bumping heads and tracing leads that include a nuclear disarmament group, a big time politician, MI5, Russian spies and American arrogance, plus numerous suspicious acting crew members, and multiple sabotage attempts aboard the HMS Vigil. Adding to the sizzle is the love affair that brews between the two women. One straight, one gay, both drawn to each other with inevitable tensions. Their love smolders. It’s like hot embers that just need a spark to roar into flames. The actors are fabulous throughout. Tension abounds. Feelings percolate. Danger awaits. It’s one of the best series I’ve seen in recent months.